My Story


Born and raised in Florida, I began programming shortly after my seventh birthday. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first 250 students accepted to the Center for Advanced Technologies for programming and mathematics, which ranks #15 on Newsweek’s Best High Schools list. I then went on to study Political Science at the University of Central Florida.

Most importantly, I am a proud father of a precocious five year-old girl whose life experiences I’ve been photo blogging since the beginning.

I am fully proficient in JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Google Analytics, AdWords, Data Studio, Tag Manager, WebTrends, SalesForce, SAP, HubSpot, Adobe Marketing Suite, PhotoShop and more. Also, kale sucks– that’s a fact.

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I have worked with a lot of talented digital people, but Blake may be one of the best and brightest

- Steven Rifkin, Creative Service Director @ Hearst Television -

My Specialties

Business Intelligence

A little bit of knowledge may be a dangerous thing, but a whole lot of knowledge can’t be beat. I specialize in deep analytics deployments for complex and dynamic digital platforms along with robust manual analysis and automated reporting.

Advanced Ad Targeting

If you’re looking to run a simple AdWords campaign, I’m probably not your guy. But if you require feature-rich advertising integrations with automated audience building or dynamic content ads, I’m definitely your guy.

Conversion Optimization

Producing the most successful marketing campaigns requires advanced tracking, content personalization, testing, analysis, refinement and the years of experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

By The Numbers

294brands served

My Journey

/(So Far)

Aug 1995

Center for Advanced Technologies

Computer Programming

catlogosilhouetteblueMathematics and software development program ranked #15 on Newsweek's Best High Schools list.

University of Central Florida

Political Science

ucf-logo Know anyone who studied a field they didn't pursue as a career? You do now.

Sep 1999
Jan 2002

MTV Networks

Digital Content Producer

original-mtv-logoResponsible for production of web content to support MTV's MTV Local digital initiatives and MTV2.

Major League Gaming

Director of Content

mlg-logoDeveloped brand strategy to promote broadcast elements across all platforms.

Oct 2003
Oct 2005

Hearst Television

Managing Editor, Digital

htv-logoManaged digital news properties and initiatives for Hearst-owned NBC and CW affiliates.


Vice President, Marketing

tokii-logoResponsible for go-to-market, acquisition and pricing strategies for all products.

Jul 2010
Aug 2011

Brightbulb Media Partners

Managing Partner

bb-logoResponsible for agency business development and oversight of marketing operations.


Internet Marketing Manager

roar-im-logoResponsible for marketing operations and strategy development for all clients.

Jun 2015

Word On The Street

One of the most motivated and dedicated people I had the pleasure of working with.

Chris Steib, VP of Product – The Knot

His ability to recommend ideas and innovations for our software platform and deliver an excellent product made Blake a star within our company.

Chip Kellam, Chief Technology Officer – Major League Gaming

I have worked with a lot of talented digital people, but Blake may be one of the best and brightest.

Steven Rifkin, Director of Creative Services – Hearst Television

I've always found Blake to be not only on the edge of technology but willing to push the boundaries ... and at the front of the pack when it came to getting the job done.

Aaron Slavik, E-commerce Product Manager – Esurance

Blake's ability to make forward progress at a pace far exceeding that of the industry makes him an outstanding source of innovation for any client he serves.

Andrew Kaeding, Associate Operations Director – Periscope

Blake takes a concept and makes it better, but he also makes it work.

Randy Foulds, Integrated Marketing – Hearst Television

Brands I’ve Proudly Served


MTV Networks

The CW Network


Major League Gaming

Tenet Healthcare